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On Saturday 13 September and Sunday 14 September we had services for the Fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost and to mark the Church New Year. At these services we also commemorated Venerable Symeon the Stylite (+459) and Right-believing Prince Peter and Princess Fevronia, wonderworkers of Murom (+1228). Matins was served on Saturday evening and Divine Liturgy was served on Sunday morning. Following the Prayer before the Amvon at Divine Liturgy, a brief moleben was served to Saints Peter and Fevronia, the patron saints of family, love and faithfulness, during which all the married couples in the parish were commemorated by name. The parish rector then blessed three new icons, all gifts to the parish: one of Saints Kyril and Methodius, another of Saint Silouan of Mount Athos, and another of a number of saints who have been given the grace of healing. Also on this day, the parish Russian-language playgroup celebrated the fifth anniversary of its establishment. A birthday cake was shared and the children held a puppet theatre on the lawn outside the church.

Our new icons and the playgroup's fifth birthday - 14/09/2014

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