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On Saturday and Sunday 7-8 September the parish rector presided at services in honour of the Holy Martyrs Adrian and Natalia and of the Meeting of the Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God in Moscow in 1395.  A new Australian government having been elected the previous day, prayers for the civil authorities were added to the Augmented Litany during Divine Liturgy:

O our God Who art inscrutable in mercy: Do Thou grant unto Thy servants, our rulers, the prosperity of Moses, the courage of David, and the wisdom of Solomon, unto the glory of Thy name, we pray Thee, O All-holy King, hearken and have mercy.

Giving thanks with fear and trembling, as unprofitable servants, unto Thy deep compassion, O Lord, our Saviour and Master, for Thy benefits, which Thou hast poured out abundantly upon Thy servants, we fall down and offer doxology unto Thee as God, and with compunction we cry out: Do Thou deliver Thy servants from all calamaties and as Thou art merciful, ever fulfil our desires that are for good, diligently we pray Thee, hearken and have mercy.

As it was the ninth day of the repose of Michael Jermolajew, a memorial litia was served for him immediately after Divine Liturgy.

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